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Newsletter July 2013

The investments that we have made, and the ones that we are making in the course of 2013-14, are designed to increase business efficiency and improve the quality of our products, at the same time complying with the most rigid safety and environmental standards.

Some important facts and figures

Work area of the new mixer: 350m3 (almost 5 times more)

Total length: 14 metres

Sand capacity: 60 tons/hour

Height variation of the main arm: from 2 to 4 metres

Computerized control: the system is able to instantly measure the capacities and flow of sand conglomerates electronically, which guarantees constant and repeatable production. Alarmed entrances ensure that the best levels of performance are maintained.


Environment: reduced use of resins. We have reduced by 20% the amount of resins and catalysts used in mixing;

Productive capacity: the new equipment allows us to make larger castings at the same time, thanks to the ability to vary the height of the main arm.

Flexibility: greater covered working area. The larger area offers the possibility to create different products at the same time.

Quality: better mixing, more resistant structures, therefore safer castings.


As far as the environment is concerned, we have set as our target the application of Best Available Technologies, which define the best environmental standards applicable to each productive sector. These interventions are, furthermore, integrated into a plan to improve optics, following the AIA.

Fonderie Ariotti obtained the AIA in 2007 and will renew it in 2014.

We keep in mind that dealing with environmental problems and safety should be of paramount importance for all companies nowadays; we are certified for environmental management according to the ISO 14001 norm, and for safety according to the OHSAS 18001 norm.