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Newsletter April 2016


We know your patterns are the result of years of work and experience, an invaluable and important asset for your company, and no need to say, for us as well. You can rest assured, they are in good hands!

We are investing in a new semi-automated compactable warehouse provided with the latest technology which will be arranged on mobile basis and will double our warehouse capacity:

  • fire protection
  • burglar alarm system
  • anti-aging protection
  • RF-ID technology identification of the patterns: an electronic tag will be applied to each physical object (i.e. patterns, mobile parts, core boxes etc.). Through wi-fi connected devices this will allow a quicker traceability, improve the picking management and give real time information about your patterns.

The new warehouse is a very important opportunity to re-arrange, maintain and catalogue all pattern equipments stocked by our company. All patterns will be checked and taken stock carefully in order to have a clear situation of their wear condition.

Taking care of your patterns is our priority!

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