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Newsletter April 2016


Dear Customer,

As we already anticipated it in our last newsletter here, the preservation of your patterns is our priority. We know they are the soul of your priceless know-how, a fundamental step for the success of your castings. Therefore we are investing in a completely new pattern warehouse, equipped with the most updated technologies.

The world of IOT (internet of things) is going to be applied to the patterns in our warehouse, thanks to RF-ID identification. It will bring massive advantages, i.e.:

  • Real time patterns traceability;
  • Efficient management of picking missions and bills of materials;
  • Web accessibility to any information about the pattern;
  • Certainty of the pattern property.

The transition to our new compactable underground warehouse involves a huge amount of work. The old warehouse will be completely emptied, all patterns filed and refreshed.
Each physical object (i.e. patterns, mobile parts, core boxes etc.) will be taken to our pattern shop, cleaned, evaluated and rated, all measures (i.e. weight and dimensions) and additional information recorded. A univocal RF-ID tag will be applied to the pattern through a special hollow inside the wood and then covered and protected by an identification plate.

To overcome the challenges that this ambitious goal brings with it and to embrace the new and exciting perspectives that it opens, we need to invest a massive amount of resources. We trust this is a great innovation and we believe you deserve it. That’s why we will bear all expenses related to the item numbers still present and active in our company, i.e. patters used in the last 18 months. Furthermore notwithstanding the current Conditions of Contracting for European Foundries, we assume for the active patterns the responsibility to refund possible damages other than those due to the normal production wear and tear. The covered amount will be specified in a notice that you will receive later.

On the other hand, we will consider obsolete those patterns not used in the last 18 months or more. We can give you our help with these 3 options:

  1. return them at your expenses;
  2. scrap them on your behalf, according to the current regulation and rates;
  3. tag them anyway with a partial cost of € 50 per pattern – flat rate. VERY IMPORTANT: in this case, under the VAT European Legislation, we have to charge you with the corresponding VAT amount calculated on the original value of the pattern.

Please note that, for obsolete patterns we DO NOT assume the responsibility to refund damages. If you wish, we can provide you with storage and insurance services for them anyway. Shortly after your communication of requested compensation limit we will send you our best offer.

Soon our Commercial Division will forward you the full list of your patterns present here in our warehouse. The report will inform you if these patterns are obsolete or active, and for active patterns their correspondent covered amount.

We kindly beg you to answer within one week specifying:

  • confirmation of inventory;
  • confirmation of the covered amount for active patterns, or otherwise the requested amount. We will provide you with a prompt quotation accordingly.
  • the chosen option regarding obsolete patterns, and in case you wish, the value you want to insure. We will provide you with a prompt quotation accordingly.

If no response is received within one week from our communication, we will consider the following indications as accepted: patterns inventory and compensation limit for active patterns; 3rd option and corresponding expense invoice for obsolete patterns.

We believe you will prise our initiative and are at your disposal for any further request or information you might need. Your compliance with deadlines will be much appreciated.