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Newsletter November 2016


As we promised early this year the important investment in the new compactable patterns warehouse is ready. Today, more than ever before, you can rest assured: your invaluable assets are in a safe place!

What do we actually guarantee for your patterns?

  • fire protection
  • burglar alarm system
  • anti-aging protection
  • real-time traceability of every pattern items with rf-id technology
  • encrypted cloud platform data management
  • information and intellectual property safety (ISO 27001 certification will be next step in 2017)
  • bills of materials and picking missions integrated system
  • quality and precision optimized methods in your assets management
  • double storage capacity thanks to a one of a kind semi-automated warehouse.

Isn't it enough? Notwithstanding the current Conditions of Contracting for European Foundries, we assume for the active patterns the responsibility to refund possible damages other than those due to the normal production wear and tear under an estimated value. In addition you can ask us for a quotation if you want to insure obsolete patterns or active ones for an amount higher than our covered one.

Taking care of your patterns is our priority!

Don't miss out the 2016 New Pattern Logistics video clip, and please contact us for any information!