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Newsletter October 2017

High-value co-design service

The production of high-performance, low cost machines and implants needs very defined designs, as well as the best knowledge of the material used.

Using this approach, Fonderie Ariotti has started a number of years ago to pursue a dual strategy: on the one hand, the development and the characterization of nodular cast iron materials with high mechanical properties; on the other hand, a careful analysis of the critical features of the castings together with the designer, in order to determine the most appropriate manufacturing method. This analysis is carried out through simulation software and inspection of the castings after production using non-destructive material tests.

Considering the applications of use of the castings the foundry produces, their mechanical characterization is performed not only through the traditional tensile and impact tests, but we are increasingly focusing our attention on the fatigue behaviour.

The rotating bending fatigue strength is already measured in our company by two machines we have at disposal in our laboratory. We have now purchased a resonance fatigue testing machine, with a maximum load of 150kN for axial fatigue tests and thanks to this new testing machine we can now also determine the effect of the average stress and can compare the results with the traditional rotating bending tests.

We are also evaluating our materials from a fracture mechanics point of view, both static (KIc) and dynamic (ΔKth and fatigue crack propagation). We avail ourselves of the assistance and knowhow of qualified universities to support us in interpreting the data and in defining the connections between mechanical behaviour and microstructure

Should our customers have particular demands or requirements regarding mechanical and microstructural evaluation and characterization, we are willing to carry tests out and now have suitable equipment facilities for defining tailor-made work plans, including the preparation of test specimens taken directly from the castings.

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