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Newsletter January 2019

Our investment plan goes on!

Like every year we sum up the achieved goals, but as usual we do it looking ahead, with the aim of always getting better!
Below you can find the 4 main investments that will characterize our 2019.

New vertical turning and milling center Pietro Carnaghi

The new VTL Carnaghi, with a table payload of 30 tons, diameter 2800 mm, height 2800 mm, will be installed in a climate controlled area to guarantee the highest precision and the thigh tolerances required by the wind turbine industry.
We will be the first and the only Italian technological pole able to cast, machine and certify with CMM such a demanding production.

tornio carnaghi 1tornio carnaghi 2tornio carnaghi 3

New laboratories and technical and sale offices

An innovative project redefines the spaces dedicated to the offices, especially our mechanical laboratory will assume inside this project a central role, thus becoming a research pole that spreads its metallurgical culture to our production and offices – also helped by its physical collocation.

laboratori e uffici 1laboratori e uffici 2 laboratori e uffici 3laboratori e uffici 4laboratori e uffici 5


New grinding manipulator

The Clansmann grinding manipulator will be installed in our fettling shop in the places currently used for manual operations. With 75 kW spindle power, the most difficult grinding operations can be carried out faster, relieving work in the deburring department. It will allow new work organization on shifts, reducing outsourcing of fettling operations, thereby keeping in house more castings and saving throughout time and natural resources.

manipolatore sbavatura

Focus on the Adro site

After the acquisition in June 2017 of Anselmi Castings in JV with VDP spa, we have been involved in these month in a deep analysis of the different strategic alternatives for the best development of the Padua site.
Today we have come to the decision to focus ourselves on our core business: big castings by the site of Adro, so we choose to exit from the JV.