1910 - 2010



Fonderie Ariotti S.p.A.
via Enrico Fermi, 5
25030 Adro (BS) ITALY
Phone +39 030 7454511
Fax +39 030 7357265
E-mail: com@fondariotti.it
fonderieariottispa@pec.it VAT no. IT00561340985


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1910 - 2010: A 100-year History

On 28th August 2010 the company celebrated their 100-year history, led by four generations consequently.


We produce grey cast iron and nodular cast iron parts with a unit weight from 70 Kg up to 70 tons. Our production capacity amounts to 20.000 tons/year.


Co-design, prototypes, painting, machining and assembling.

Safety and Reliability

Renewable Energies

Since 2008 2 photovoltaic plants have been installed with a peak power of 408 kw, providing up to 10% of our power need.

  • FV1
  • FV2 (username g_ariottiguest, password kaco)

Work with us!

View of the foundry.

The foundry front view with photovoltaic plant, facing the A4 highway.

Mould assembly in the pit.