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Newsletter January 2017


By the end of 2017, our machining shop will rely on the three-dimensional control machine ZEISS MMZ-G 30 50 20, a high precision tool that will allow us to even better satisfy our customers’ expetations and requirements.

Its management will be entrusted to the technologist of our machining shop Carlo Marcantoni, who leads our machining shop with competence and passion.

Key features of ZEISS MMZ-G

The ZEISS MMZ-G machine, configured with scanning system, is completely covered with the sliding guides and a built-in damping system that ensures a reliable drive technology.

Among the most important features of the Carl Zeiss technology – international leader company in innovative technologies – the new three-dimensional control machine is equipped with:

  • Controller Technology C99
  • VAST XXT Scanning
  • CALYPSO Measurement Software
  • Measuring head for single points scanning
  • Push-button receptacle for CNC-controlled probe changeover



Thanks to this important investment, we will be able to offer the best combination of power and precision, by conducting checks on large pieces for applications that require centesimal tolerances.