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Pattern Stockroom

Our modern, underground pattern stockroom was built in 2008 and is equipped with:

  • Temperature and moisture control systems
  • Smoke detector
  • Video surveillance and alarm

All patterns are registered and perfectly stocked to last in time.

Pattern Workshop

According to customer's requirements, we build CAD-CAM system patterns (in polystyrene, wood, resin, metal) even in cooperation with reliable sub-suppliers.

Core Workshop

Core production according to Ashland method and Cold Box process.

Moulding of Big Castings

We produce castings with a unit weight up to 70 tons. Our pouring pins allow us to work in complete safety.

Moulding of Small Castings

The automatic moulding line works with moulding boxes of 1200x1000, 400+400 mm size. It is suitable also for small serial productions of single units weighting from 50 Kg up to 500 Kg.

Melting Units

In the company there are two electric melting units whose capacity amounts respectively to 20 and 40 Tons and a gas melting unit of 20 Tons. Our production capacity reaches 20.000 Tons/year. The spheroidization equipments according to cored wire method are completely automatic.


Four sandblasting machines for parts from 50 Kg up to 50 tons. The biggest one was installed in 2009.

Cleaning Department

Casting cleaning occurs on the premises.

Heat Treatment Oven

In the company there is a heat treatment oven of 3500x5500x2700 mm size. Therefore we can carry out stress reliving, ferritization and normalization heat treatments, the latter one with calm or forced air. Heat treatment curves are registered and certified.


The painting process occurs in a dedicated department, equipped with a heating system for drying water-based paints. It was built recently so as to keep it far from the production department and to ensure cleanness. Moisture and temperature are under control on a regular basis. We use 1-K, 2-K and water-based coatings.

Lift for accessing the underground pattern stockroom.

Pattern stockroom.

Pattern stockroom.

Polystyrene pattern.

Wooden pattern.

Wooden pattern.

Resin pattern.

Detail of an aluminium + resin pattern.

Core workshop.

Core workshop.

Core workshop.

Moulding in the pit.

Mould assembly in the pit.

Moulding a big machine tool table.

Mould assembling a big machine tool table.

Automatic moulding line.

Automatic overturning of middle-sized mould boxes.

Electric melting unit.

Gas melting unit.

Pouring a big casting.

Pouring on the automatic moulding line.

Detail of a ladle.

Manipulator for small castings.

Manipulator for big castings.

New sandblasting machine.

Sandblasting an hydro turbine.

Sandblasting a grinding table.

Casting deburring.

Deburring department.

Heat treatment oven.

Normalization thermal treatment.

Coating a mould with a water-based paint.

Drying water-based paints.

Painting wind torque arms.

Checking paint thickness.