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Fonderie Ariotti S.p.A.
via Enrico Fermi, 5
25030 Adro (BS) ITALY
Phone +39 030 7454511
Fax +39 030 7357265
E-mail: com@fondariotti.it
fonderieariottispa@pec.it VAT no. IT00561340985


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Press and Machine Tool Construction

We are among the main European suppliers for press and machine tool industries and we supply the leading companies in this field.

Energy Transformation

Energy plants, especially for renewable energies, are the second most important industrial products supplied by our company: windpower, hydroelectricity and solar power.

Raw Material Processing

We produce critical parts for mineral, slag and cement milling plants, as well as for metal processing plants.

Special Vehicles and General Machinery

A number of mechanic fields are equipped with our castings: from gear boxes to special vehicles for building sites, from food machines to compressors.

Pressure die-casting machine.

Injection moulding machine for plastic parts.

Injection moulding machine for plastic parts.

Vertical press.

Vertical lathe.

Machine tool.

Hydro turbine.

Frame for wind industry.

Machine for photovoltaic industry.

Photovoltaic plant.

Parts for wind industry.

Wind plant.


Mineral milling plant.

Mineral milling plant.

Strip processing line.

Pump casings.

Building machine.



Container forklift.