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Fonderie Ariotti S.p.A.
via Enrico Fermi, 5
25030 Adro (BS) ITALY
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Safety and Environment

Safety and Environment

Safety on the workplace and environment protection are important elements in our business. Our purpose is:

  • To reduce industrial accidents.
  • To decrease atmospheric pollution
  • To cut down industrial waste
  • To lower energy consumption and to increase the use of renewable energies
  • To improve working conditions within the company

Every day we aim to improve working conditions in the foundry:

  • Training personnel in all departments
  • Selecting suppliers carefully
  • Researching and developing alternative solutions and improvements

In respect of all Italian and European laws, in 2008 we achieved the Environment Integrated Authorization (Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale) no. 7206 dd. 02.07.2008; in 2009 we got the Fire Prevention Certificate (Certificato Prevenzione Incendi) no. 21255 dd. 14/10/2009 and the Environment Certification 14001 renewed on 26/06/2010 and valid till 25/06/2013.

We took part in NIS, Network Italiano Silice (Silica Italian Network), whose aim is the workers' health protection and the respect of the correct approach to row materials containing crystal silicon./p>

Since 2008 2 photovoltaic plants have been installed with a peak power of 408 kw, providing up to 10% of our power need. Each year we save about 250.000 Kg / CO2.

  • FV1
  • FV2 (username g_ariottiguest, password kaco)

Foundry entrance.

The first photovoltaic plant installed in the foundry.

The second photovoltaic plant recently installed on foundry roof.