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Fonderie Ariotti S.p.A.
via Enrico Fermi, 5
25030 Adro (BS) ITALY
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We cooperate together with our customers from the project design in order to get the best technical and economical benefit. We carry out calculations about gating and feeding system as well as filling and solidification simulations through several apposite software devices.


According to customer's requirements, we build CAD-CAM system patterns (in polystyrene, wood, resin, metal) even in cooperation with reliable sub-suppliers.

Research and Development

A dedicated team deals with material research and development.

  • Research of material properties for example in parts showing thick walls or in depth
  • Setting of new materials even according to customer's special requirements
  • Optimisation of ferritic high resistance castings (higher mechanical properties)


  • Chemical analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Tensile strength, yield stress and elongation
  • Hardness with fix hardness tester Brinell B3000J
  • Hardness with equotip
  • Hardness with a mobile hardness tester with calibrated pins
  • Impact test at RT (room temperature) and at LT (low temperature: -20°C and -40°C)
  • Fatigue tests
  • Leica microscope with software counting nodules and the percentage of ferritic and perlitic matrix
  • Mobile microscope for testing directly the casting
  • UT (ultrasonic) inspection
  • MT (magnetic crack) inspection
  • LP (liquid penetrant) inspection
  • Casting dimensional inspection (allowance tracing and 3D-check)

Heat Treatments

Oven (size 3500x5500x2700) for executing:

  • Stress relieving heat treatment
  • Ferritization heat treatment
  • Normalization heat treatment (with calm or forced air)


The painting process occurs in a dedicated department, equipped with a heating system for drying water-based paints. It was built recently so as to keep it far from the production department and to ensure cleanness. Moisture and temperature are under control on a regular basis. We use 1-K, 2-K and water-based coatings.

Machining and Assemblies

If required, we supply our customers with machined and assembled parts.

Logistic and Stocking

We offer 'just in time' and 'kanban' solutions, in order to maximize our services. By offering limited buffer stocks in the foundry, the customer receives the following advantages:

  • Fast reaction time to customer's needs
  • Reduction in delivery time
  • Covering need peaks very fast
  • Sparing stocking areas

Filling and solidification simulation.

Polystyrene pattern.

Wooden pattern.

Resin pattern.

Detail of an aluminium + resin pattern.


Elongation test 200 kN with extensometer and handling software.

Rotary flexion test machine.

Micrograph of a perlitic/ferritic cast iron.

UT inspection.

MT inspection.

Dimensional inspection machine.

Machining allowance tracing of a wind hub.

Dimensional inspection with FARO arm.

3D dimensional report.

Heat treatment oven.

Normalization heat treatment.

Drying water-based paints.

Painting wind torque arms.

Checking paint thickness.

Machining a wind torque arm.

Machining wind planet carriers.

Machining grinding tables.

35 Tons machined bed.

15 Tons press plate – holes for 200 bar cylinders.